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Quick Facts About Creative Business Audio

  • This all started back in 1996 with On Hold Marketing and Communications.  Message on hold is the backbone of our company.  After we expanded services, we changed our name.
  • On-hold productions consist of 4 minutes or approximately 525 words. Includes licensed music, professional male/female voice talent, edited to your desired format. Select the music and voice talent of your choice by previewing samples directly from our website. Longer productions are available.
  • Hardware may or may not be required (phone system dependent). Several hardware options available, if required. Email us your phone make and model and we will evaluate your system for compatibility.
  • We write your script. We provide a simple to complete Script Development Form you fill out. Provide us your website information and we do the rest. All edits on the script are completed to your satisfaction.
  • We are a Value-Added Reseller for Playnetwork. Through this program, we provide overhead music for office and retail environments. We also write and produce audio for websites, as well as professionally record voice prompts for office phone systems and large call centers.
  • We offer ‘a la carte’ pricing as well as monthly billing. We do not insist on long term agreements. We know that if you like our finished product you’ll continue to do business with us.
  • References upon request.

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