Pizza Ranch is pleased to offer an affordable, effective on-hold marketing program in conjunction with Creative Business Audio.


In a perfect world, a caller to Pizza Ranch would never be placed on-hold.  But in business, placing callers on-hold is sometimes unavoidable.  Why not turn a potential negative into a positive by telling callers who have been placed on-hold more about everything your Pizza Ranch has to offer.

This is the essence of “on-hold marketing” – telling callers who are already doing business with you or those that have an interest in doing business with you more about your restaurant.  This is a great opportunity to reinforce your “brand” while reassuring callers that their call and their business is important.  Additionally, playing the radio or CD’s you have purchased, without paying the appropriate licensing fees, is a violation of the copyright laws and can result in substantial fines.  This program is an easy way to legally educate and entertain callers appropriately.


            BE REMEMBERED

                        MAXIMIZE EVERY POINT OF CONTACT


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