Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What makes up an on-hold marketing system?
A.    The system itself consist of the equipment/hardware necessary to interface with your phone system and the finished productions that talk about your business.

Q.    If I have a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system do I need equipment/hardware?
A.    There is a good chance you do not.  However, a few VOIP systems do require an outside playing device.  Check with us and we can let you know.

Q.    What does a production consist of?
A. One production is approximately 4 minutes in length and consist of a combination of information about your business and music.  Each individual production will feature four or five 20/25 second information segments encouraging the caller to ask for more information when their call is answered.

Q.    Who writes the copy and how often are the productions updated?
A. You can either select from copy that has already been written by the marketing staff at Pizza Ranch, customize the pre-written copy or our copywriters will collect information from you and completely customize your production.  You can change products as often as you desire but most locations will change on a seasonal basis.

Q.    Is my phone system compatible with your equipment/hardware?
A. Simply call us at 1-800-947-8230 ext. 302 and we’ll let you know.

Q.    How much does it costs?
A.    Click on the Program/Pricing Information/Order tab for complete

More Questions?

Check out our FAQ page, or call us toll-free at:
800-947-8230, ext. 1.